10 Things You're Overspending On During the Holidays

For every after-school special about the real meaning of the season, there are 500 commercials convincing you to spend your money on something preposterously useless. Don’t want your New Year’s resolutions to be about un-wrecking your finances? Here are a few things to avoid during the Holidays.

1 of 10 1. Enormous Christmas Trees

Let's say, theoretically, that you've had a really horrible year. You’ve lost family, moved cities, and your children are distraught. In that case, get a comically enormous tree that doesn't actually fit in your house and makes you go back to the store for extra lights. They'll tell stories about it for years. But you only really need that experience once, and part of what makes it fun is the grinning realization that it's a terrible idea to have a plant corpse dominate your living space.

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