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How Much Do POS Systems Cost?

When it comes to a cash management system, a POS system, or point of sale system, may be the way to go. These machines can do everything from track sales of specific customers to track inventory. There are plenty of processes that point of sale software can handle, but they aren’t cheap. Here is the price of POS systems based on the type of business you own.


Restaurant POS software is unique compared to any other point of sale system on the market. This is because these machines need to have the ability to tack on extra orders without closing out the previous transaction. The systems are also much more employee-oriented rather than customer-based like you may find in a retail POS system.

Even though they are unique, the price isn’t much different from what you’d find in other POS systems. The price of these cash management systems can be a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. It’s possible to get a cheap handheld bundle for around $500 or a terminal for around $1,500.


Grocery stores, like most retail stores, need to have the ability to track stock. If inventory is running low, notifications need to be sent immediately so that more can be ordered. Some POS systems even have the ability to help you track your orders before they’ve arrived. These machines are built to be both customer- and employee-friendly.

The price reflects the need, as a complex software is required to facilitate quick and accurate customer check out, but also manage administration tasks. An all-in-one system can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 per station. While it is possible to get a lower price bundle for around $500, it’s important to investigate what the point of sale software can do before purchasing.


From appointment management to employee tracking time and customer account management, salon POS systems have a lot to do. Unlike other point of sale software, you need to be able to include how much a service costs including the amount of time spent per client. While these machines sound expensive, they’re much less complex compared to other POS systems. For this reason, you can get a terminal POS system for as low as $99 if you’re willing to use a tablet. If you’re looking for a standard terminal system, you can purchase one for around $879 and up.


Unlike any other POS system, a bar point of sale system needs to have age verification software in addition to inventory tracking and credit card processing. These machines also need to have the capabilities to keep open tabs, similar to a restaurant. A standard system can cost around $1,500 for one stand, but the price can go up depending on which features you want to include. A complete, multi-station can cost upwards of $12,000.


If you’re a small business, or you’re just looking for something inexpensive, an iPad or tablet POS may be the perfect choice for you. If you already own an iPad, or you’re in the market for one, you can purchase the Square Stand for $99.95 and use the software to complete basic point of sale operations. While this stand does cost 2.75% to swipe your card, it can be a much cheaper way for a small business to operate.