online file storage

Pros and Cons of Online File Storage

If you’re running out of space on your computer you may consider saving your files online, but will they be safe and secure? If you’re worried about storing your data in the cloud, here are some major pros and cons to consider before you choose a service.

Pros of Online File Storage

  • Low Cost: If you’re using online file storage for personal use, you may find that the cost is very low. In some situations, the service may even be provided for free—so you can clear up space on your computer without any cost to you.
  • Easy Access: If you store your valuable information on your computer, you don’t have access to it on your other electronics. When you use cloud storage, you have access to your data no matter where you are.
  • Backup: If something happens to the files on your computer, you can rest assured that the cloud has a copy of your information. The last thing you want to do is lose everything because a virus deletes your files.
  • Simple Sharing: If you want to show pictures or music to a friend, but you’re out, you can easily log into your cloud storage and show your friend. You can also send someone files anywhere in the world without an issue.

Cons of Online File Storage

  • Privacy: Not every cloud service is completely secure—it can be difficult to find a service that’s completely safe. When you do, these services are sure to have a monthly cost. Everyone wants their data to be secure, and it may not be possible in a free public cloud.
  • Internet Access: When you store everything on the cloud, you need to have internet access to open your files. If your internet goes out or you’re in an area that has no mobile connection, you won’t be able to access your data.
  • Continual Cost: For a secure cloud with plenty of space, you’ll probably have to pay. The price can vary quite a bit, but this is a regular cost that you should factor in each month or year. It may seem like a low price to pay, but it could be unnecessary when you can store your files locally.
  • Risk of Leaks: Major cloud hacks have made the news on more than one occasion, which can spell disaster for some businesses and individuals. When you store your information on the cloud, you’re risking your files being released to the public.