10 Most Expensive Places to Live in the U.S.

Living on your own is pretty expensive. You have to pay tons of bills, and it can seem difficult to juggle everything at once. Nothing is more expensive than housing nowadays. If it feels like rent and housing have skyrocketed in price, you’d be right! Over time, the median home value in the United States has changed massively. In 1940, the median home value was $2,938 – that’s roughly $54,747 when you adjust it for inflation. Now, according to Zillow, the median home value sits at $213,146. That’ll put a dent in your monthly budget.

Well, if you’re living on a budget, there are some zip codes you may want to stay away from. We looked across the country to find 10 U.S. cities that had the highest cost of living. Our rankings are based on five factors that can impact how much it costs to live. These factors include median household income, the median value of a home, one month of rent for a one-bedroom apartment, and an apartment’s utility and internet bill. Just to be sure, we also included the cost of a gallon of milk to get a good glimpse into the food prices, because who can live without food?

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