10 Rich People Who Are Basically Cartoon Supervillains

We've rounded up several billionaires (and a millionaire or two) who fall into one of two criteria: Either they are Dick Dastardly levels of evil or they're good people with enough genius and eccentricity that the world is basically over if they turn on us.

10. Richard Branson

Richard Branson is one of the good guys on the list, however eccentric he may be. The man made his billions by turning a record store into an airway and a cell phone service, and now he's got his sights set on space tourism. We're not saying that that makes him Hugo Drax from Moonraker, but it also doesn't not make him that. Branson's flair for flamboyance includes high-profile stunts like rappelling down his own skyscrapers or kite-surfing over the English Channel, and he's shown up in public dressed as everything from a butterfly to an old-fashioned air stewardess (the result of a lost bet.) Branson seems to legitimately be putting his money to good use in the world, but if he ever turns on us, all the pieces are in place for him to go full supervillain.

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