10 Times Eating Out Is Cheaper Than Cooking

A couple of years ago, an informal study came out about how groceries had gotten so out of hand that eating out was cheaper than cooking. Granted, the first person to test the mettle of the theory found it pretty lacking, since it apparently assumed you were going to make one meal with your ingredients, then throw everything else away. Still, there are a couple of high-pressure, high-stress situations where eating out might work in your favor. 

10. When You Really Want a Buffet

Granted, going to a place like Ryan's or Golden Corral, you're not going to get the best version of anything you see on the buffet. That said, if you tried to make pizza, tacos, steak, spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, lasagna, steak, onion rings, and seasoned fries for one giant meal at home, that wouldn't be the smartest thing you ever did. When you want that crazy-eyed, mouth-shoveling smorgasbord, you're better off eating out.

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