15 Cheap Hacks to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Nobody wants to feel claustrophobic in their own home, and living in a limited amount of square feet makes it so much easier to feel trapped and cramped. Are you frustrated with your tiny living space? Make the most of your humble abode by following these affordable, space-making decorating tips. 

Go up, up, and away from the floor space.

Stop staring at the beautiful (yet restricted) hardwood floor of your studio and trying to imagine how much you can cram onto 400 square feet. Instead, utilize your wall space. You may be surprised how much space you have when you remove or move furniture and appliances from the floor. Instead, try to hang what you can. Ditch the entertainment center and TV stand; mount your television on the wall for a clean and space-conserving look. However, keep in mind that you should only mount heavy objects on studs in your wall to avoid them falling from their up, up, and away position.

Shelving is a great way to move objects from the floor. Instead of using a standalone bookshelf, you can mount shelving on the wall to hold all your favorites.  You can do the same if you're a movie buff instead of a book buff. You can also mount powerstrips because every little bit can help.

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