Graph of interest on a checking account

Checking Accounts with Interest

If you want to make the most of your banking experience, you may want to consider using a checking account with interest. Accruing interest can help you to profit from the funds that you regularly keep in the bank. Interest disbursements may add a few extra dollars to your balance every month. Some people prefer using an account with interest if they tend to keep a lot of cash in the bank. Depending on the policies of your bank, you may be able to accrue interest on a monthly or annual basis.


Using an interest-bearing checking account can be beneficial for numerous other reasons. You can easily pay your bills online. If you tend to do your banking online, then you may want to look into using a high-yield account.

Fine Print and Terms

Before you sign up for an interest-bearing checking account, you should make sure to understand the fine print. You may incur penalty fees if you keep a low balance every month. Banks frequently require that you keep a balance of at least a few hundred dollars. You should always know the exact amount of money that you must keep to avoid the payment of the service fee. Otherwise, you may be subject to a service fee of $4 or more. Some banks also require that you pay a fee to close an account. 

You should also make sure that you understand whether you can conduct online banking at a particular bank. Not every bank offers this option. If you are unsure of whether you can use this convenient feature, you should speak with a customer service representative.


Signing up for a checking account will help you gain more control over your financial situation. You can sign up for automatic withdrawal options to pay your bills. This means that your creditors will automatically withdraw a certain amount every month. You will not have to worry about manually paying all your expenses.

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