Save Big By Retiring to These 10 Foreign Cities

Moving after you’ve retired is a no-brainer, but you want to go somewhere new. Why stay within the United States when you could relocate to a foreign city and save money? When you’re living off of Social Security benefits and a retirement fund, you need to stretch your money, so here are 10 cities that are perfect for the conscientious retiree. 

1. Carcassonne, France

France is truly one of the most beautiful countries you could live, and you won’t spend your whole budget. For only around $1,600 - $1,750 per month, you can live in an area referred to as “the other south of France.” The landscape is breathtaking, and there are plenty of luxurious places you can visit if you’re looking to splurge.

Population: 47,854
Median Home Value: $121,383
Yearly Cost of Living: $19,200 - $21,000

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