Woman researching business schools

3 Signs Business School Would Boost Your Career

Going back to school will better you personally, but your career can also benefit from pursuing further education. Whether you want to abandon a dead-end job, learn how to run a successful business, or earn a bigger paycheck, you have a lot to gain from business school.

1. You want to stand out among the competition.

An MBA can set you apart from your peers with bachelor’s degrees. If you’re employed in a nonbusiness field, you still can put a business school education to use. Administrative skills are valuable in multiple areas, particularly those that typically require degrees for career advancement, such as the healthcare industry. Perhaps you have a bachelor’s in Nursing. Possessing an MBA can make you a frontrunner for a nurse management position, and putting managerial theory to work will make your department run efficiently.

2. You need to update your skill set.

Maybe you already have a bachelor’s degree, but it’s been several years since you’ve graduated. The software you mastered ten years ago may have fallen out of use, and you want to stay on top of the game. Returning to business school can keep you familiarized with the latest technology being used by professionals. You don’t necessarily have to enroll in a degree program to accomplish this; many online business schools offer certificate programs or allow you to take individual classes that you can list on your resume.

3. Your career has stagnated—and so has your salary.

Have you hit a wall at work? Enrolling in business school can boost your potential for promotion upon graduation. You don’t need to put your career on hold while returning to school. While you’re taking classes, you can bring concepts from the classroom to the office and immediately improve your job performance. Take advantage of who you meet in your program as well. You never know when you’ll need investors for a future project or which professors can connect you to a better prospect than your current position.

While a strong professional network is priceless, you may be longing for more financially. Collecting professional certificates can give you an edge when you’re competing for a higher-paying position. If you’re interested in a master’s degree, be prepared to make a big investment. Although the tuition will be high, the payoff is worth it. MBA graduates, on average, earn back at least 20% of their grad school tuition in the first year!  

Last Updated: May 15, 2024