3 Top Business Plan Software Programs

Are you a brand new entrepreneur who is looking for an effective way to draft your business plan? There are many software programs that can help you write an effective, organized, plan. This article will cover the top three business planning software solutions.

Business Plan Pro

Manufactured by Palo Alto Software, Business Plan Pro is currently the leading business plan software on the market. It has many different features that make it easier for an entrepreneur to draft their business plan. Business Plan Pro includes over 500 sample business plans that are designed to give you an idea of how yours should look. This feature gives you a good template that you can use to build your own business plan. It also contains a business plan calculator to help you forecast your finances without the help of an accountant! At only $99.95, Business Plan Pro is a very affordable resource for writing your business plan.

BizPlan Builder

Jian’s BizPlan Builder is a great resource for young entrepreneurs who are looking to gain more funding or launch a brand new product or service. BizPlan Builder is a tool that has all of the important parts of a business plan already laid out for you. As you maneuver through the process of filling out your specific business information, the software helps you each step of the way. Built into the software are helpful comments and advice from business experts who can make sure you’re informed on each aspect of creating your business plan. It gives you everything you need to make educated decisions on planning out your business. BizPlan Builder is a tool that is well worth the $97.00 price tag.


BizPlan.com is an online business planning software that simplifies the process of drafting your business plan. It enables you to draft your business plan and then post it online. This can give your business plan more visibility and attract potential investors. It includes the guided plan builder, financial templates, and a way to collaborate with others who are assisting you with your business plan. You can use your own content, or you can take advantage of the many templates they provide. At only $29.00, this is one of the most affordable solutions out there. When you are seeking funding, the need for a business plan is non-negotiable. You need an effective and affordable solution. All three of these programs can make it much easier to draft a compelling business plan. Make sure you choose the one that works best for you.