An employee recognition gift sitting on a desk

5 Best Employee Recognition Gifts

Rewarding an employee that has gone above and beyond expectations is a great way to show how much you value them. When giving gifts, you may question what is appropriate to give. Above all, avoid giving cash. Cash reduces the sincerity of the reward. It also shows little thought was put into the receiver's character and it may come off as dismissive. You'll want something that they'll enjoy. To help you, here are five of the best employee recognition gifts you can give.

  1. Gift Cards
    Don't give cash, but gift cards are a fantastic idea, especially if they're for their favorite business or restaurant. If you notice your employee drinking coffee all the time, consider getting them a Starbucks gift card. With a simple question, you can figure out where they love to shop most or their favorite food locations. To avoid being obvious, play it off as a suggestion for yourself, like asking where you should take a friend for dinner.
  2. Corporate Acknowledgement
    Thanking your employees for the hard work they've done recently is fantastic. However, having a supervisor from several levels above you recognize an exceptional person is even better. People love being noticed - especially by those they think pay little to no attention to them. This simple engagement will make him or her feel immensely appreciated.
  3. Paid Day Off
    To really reward someone who has been overachieving, provide them with an early leave or paid day off. This is one of the greatest rewards any staff member could receive. Having free time to catch a movie or spend with his or her family not only thanks them, but their family as well. Acknowledging someone's family is important because it acknowledges your appreciation for the time your employee has devoted to the company.
  4. Increased Responsibility
    An increase in responsibility sends two messages. The first is that you respect and trust them enough to do more important tasks. This will make your employee feel incredibly knowledgeable. It may take them some time to settle into their new tasks, but it's a clear sign of accomplishment. Second, it signals to them that they are moving up the ladder. More responsibility is great in every work environment. It encourages him or her to strive to work harder and show their potential.
  5. Pay Increase
    For those who have been tremendously exemplary, consider a pay increase. This is the ultimate sign of recognition for anyone. Employees that receive a higher than normal wage feel much more respected. It sends a clear signal that those who strive for excellence will be recognized and rewarded for their achievements. Consider pay increases for those that have undeniably gone above and beyond their usual work duties.