A student considering an accounting degree

5 Reasons To Get An Accounting Degree

Are you thinking about pursuing a college degree, but you’re unsure of what to major in? If you’re a business-minded individual, an accounting major might be the path for you.

  1. An accounting degree is versatile.
    You may be thinking an accounting degree is only good for one thing: income tax preparation. While that is indeed an aspect of a public accountant’s job, you can do so much more with an accounting degree. There’s always a place for accountants in the business world, but you can go beyond that field. An accounting degree can be put to use in many different fields; you can work for a non-profit organization or the government as well. You can put your degree to work in unexpected industries, such as education or healthcare.
  2. The job market is growing.
    Whether you’re worried about finding a job in your area of study or you’re returning to school to move up in your career, you’ll have luck in the field of accounting. The future looks bright for graduates with accounting degrees—according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s a 16% growth rate in accounting job opportunities. Obtaining at least a bachelor’s degree will prove beneficial; an associate’s degree in accounting is a good start, but typically won’t yield jobs higher than clerk positions.
  3. You can get a top-rate online accounting degree.
    Don’t let your current job keep you from growing. Some of the nation’s best universities have expanded by adding online accounting degree programs.  Earn your bachelor’s degree from schools such as Penn State or the University of Connecticut. Schools with a strong presence online, such as South New Hampshire University, often offer lower tuition rates. Many of these online schools boast master’s programs in addition to CPA certification programs.
  4. The pay doesn’t hurt!
    The average salary for an accountant hovers around $60,000 a year. Not bad! With additional certifications and education come a rise in salary. Accountants with a bachelor’s make 50% more than those with an associate’s degree or less and being a licensed CPA give them even more of an edge. Graduating from law school with a Juris-doctorate in Taxation is also a lucrative option.
  5. You can be your own boss.
    Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? After a few years of experience, utilize your accounting degree and CPA licensure by starting your own business! Be prepared to work hard and put in the extra hours; working from a home office does allow you to set your hours, but be sure to stick to your schedule. You’ll be a valuable asset to small business owners and other clients, and you’ll be able to charge them however you’d like, be it a flat fee per project or on an hourly basis. Like any start-up, be sure to take advantage of any outlet you can use to market yourself, be it local or via social media. 
Last Updated: November 08, 2016