7 of Today's Most Powerful Women in Business

Only 4.6% of S&P Companies have female CEOs, and just over 25% of executives are women. We’ve selected eight of these inspiring women who are leading the business world, acting as leaders, game-changers, and inspirations to women everywhere.

The tech field is even more depressing to look at, noted for its disparity in gender and race. In a recent study by LivePerson, only 8.3% of 1,000 sampled Americans could name a single famous woman tech leader. But it gets even worse than that! When looking at those responses from the 8.3%, only 4% of those were correct. Nearly a quarter had responded with "Siri" or "Alexa," the virtual assistants of Apple and Amazon products, respectively, who aren't even real humans!

Of the seven women on this list, only two are non-white: Ursula Burns and Indra Nooyi. While they are part of an even smaller group of a minority group, it should be worth your while to learn about them and their accomplishments at Xerox and Pepsi Co. Two names that should ring a bell on the list are Marissa Mayer of Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. They have recently been in the headlines, namely Sandberg and her best-selling book Lean In.

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