Grants for Single Moms Starting a Small Business

Grants for women in small business aren’t easy to find, but if you’re a single mother, your chances of being awarded could increase. Female business grants are an excellent way to start a small business, and these are some funding opportunities you may be interested in.

Open Meadows

The Open Meadows Foundation funds projects and businesses that promote gender, racial, and economic justice through companies lead by women. Twice a year, one woman is chosen and given $2,000 in order to start a small non-profit business. To qualify, your business must not exceed an annual budget of $75,000, you must have limited financial access, and your nonprofit must reflect the diversity of the community served by the project in both leadership and organization. 

FedEx Small Business Grant

Small businesses sometimes need a little help to grow, and FedEx offers these companies the chance to win their $25,000 Opportunity Knocks Grant. This award also has a $15,000 grant for one participant and eight $7,500 grants for additional applicants. To enter, you need to write a short profile about your business, gather photos of your business or product, and create a one-minute “elevator-pitch” about your story. The entry period is every year from May 3rd to May 30th.

Visa Everywhere Initiative Challenges

Visa is a major contributor to start-up businesses around the United States. Every year, it offers the Everywhere Initiative Challenges where businesses have the chance to compete for three $50,000 grants. The three challenges include using Visa APIs in a creative way, rethinking sponsorships and event activations, and solution to a cardless world. For each challenge, there can be multiple winners, which means that your company has several chances to win. Winners are also given the opportunity to have a year-long executive mentorship and support from Visa.

Women’s Business Center

The Small Business Association supports over 100 Women’s Business Centers across the United States. These locations are specifically designed to help women and single mothers find assistance for funding their startups or small businesses. The goal is to grow companies so that women can have a larger impact on the market. The Women’s Business Center provides entrepreneurs comprehensive training, counseling, and access to various grants and loans that can help grow your idea. 

Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant

Eileen Fisher is a huge supporter of women-owned and single-mom businesses. Every year, the women’s clothing retail store offers $120,000 for up to 10 applications all over the United States. Each applicant has the possibility to be invited to New York City where an award ceremony will be held, and the recipients are awarded $12,000. 

Zions Bank Smart Women Grant

Zions Bank offers grants to smart women across the United States every year. Six $3,000 awards are offered to groups that are in business, community development, continuing education and teacher support, child and elder care, health and human services, and arts and culture. The grants are open to anyone whose proposal supports the empowerment of women or directly benefits women and low-income populations of Utah or Idaho.