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How Much Do Business Class Flights Cost on Average?

Business class is the class of flight service above economy, but below first class. Business class is a popular choice for frequent business travelers because it doesn’t cost quite as much as a first class ticket, but still has significantly more amenities than economy class. The price of a business class flight can vary, depending on flight duration, airline, destination, and several other factors.

International Flights

If you reside in the United States, a business class ticket to Europe, Asia, or South America will, on average, cost between $4,200 and $4,800. If you are flying from the United States to Australia or Africa, you will spend about $5,800. These prices can go down if you use frequent flier miles to upgrade your ticket or a credit card that allows you to buy two-for-one business class tickets, such as the American Express Platinum Card. 

On international flights, you can enjoy many included amenities such as a seat that reclines 180 degrees (which allows you to sleep on a flat, comfortable surface), food options that are generally served with free alcoholic beverages, and on-demand audio and video entertainment systems. Before your flight, you can also enjoy priority boarding, a business class lounge with free food and showers, and after you disembark, you can go through a much shorter customs line. 

Domestic Flights

The fares for domestic business class tickets can cost as little as $436 or as much as $3,500. Sometimes you can even receive a free upgrade to business class if the economy class is overbooked. Airlines also periodically offer reduced prices on their domestic business class seats if the flight isn’t full, or if the flight is shorter than three hours long. 

If your flight is less than six hours long, you may not receive all of the amenities that typically come with an international business class ticket. For example, you’ll have a roomier seat with only one person beside you, but it probably won’t recline to lie flat. However, you’ll still be able to enjoy more attentive service, free food and drinks, and priority boarding, no matter how short your flight is. 

Last Updated: June 01, 2016