Person taking business english courses online

How to Improve Your Business English Online

We’ve put together a list of five excellent business English resources. Some lessons are exclusively on video, some are university-sponsored courses. All of these programs can be completed online. 

  1. Business English Pod
    As the name implies, Business English Pod offers podcasts and other resources for the learner on the go. They do offer free lessons, but the paid subscriptions give members access to premium material, such as online quizzes and detailed podcast transcripts. Business English Pod’s web site also hosts ebooks that you can purchase separately from a subscription. iPhone users can use their Business English app, and download over 150 audio and video lessons to their phone. Business English Pod has a Youtube channel devoted to business English vocabulary.

  2. Online Business English Courses by University of California – Irvine
    UCI’s international extension program has two online options for business English classes: one is a free introductory level course and the other is a full paid program.  The paid course is a robust program. Students will improve their skills in business writing, in addition to applying English to marketing, international trade, and negotiations. Certificates are awarded to students upon course completion.
  3. Learn English with Let’s Talk
    Although this Youtube channel is dedicated to general English, they have some that focus on business conversations that you would have in meetings or at the office. Also, this channel has several lessons to help you perfect an American accent. 

  4. Voice of America
    Voice of America stands out among our other business English resources. This site aims to teach American English by using real news stories spanning a variety of topics, using business English vocabulary in a natural context. Each article has a recording, so language learners can listen as they read along. Voice of America’s articles are great for introducing vocabulary to intermediate students; aside from the handful of bolded vocabulary words within every article, students can click any word and a pop-up will provide a dictionary definition. The articles conclude with questions that prompt users to discuss the subject in the comment section.
  5. EngVid
    Here’s another video-centric website for all you visual and auditory learners. EngVid’s videos can take you from the beginner level to more advanced concepts. The videos cover a range of topics: some introduce basic workplace skills, such as filling out checks, while others address cultural topics. Each video comes with a brief quiz for concept review.

Last Updated: June 22, 2017