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Is High Speed Business Internet Worth the Cost?

Even small companies can benefit from high-speed business internet, but is it worth the price? The cost varies depending on the internet service provider you choose, but some companies are less than $100 a month.

For example, Comcast offers high-speed business internet for $69.95 per month, and Verizon FIOS has packages that start at $69.99. Both providers charge additional fees for equipment and taxes which could raise your final bill.

Is it worth it? The benefits could definitely outweigh the costs. First of all, high-speed business internet allows every user to have access to information quickly, which increases productivity. Slow internet connections cost you money in terms of productivity and wasted time, but they also have a long-term effect. Having such a slow and non-productive workflow impacts the morale of your employees, which could lead to worker dissatisfaction and high turnover.

Second, many companies have a special customer service for high-speed business internet users which gives them quality service without having to wait in queue for the next representative. This means, if your internet goes down, you can get it back up quickly without waiting. Additionally, some smaller companies, like CenturyLink, offer more attractive perks in order to be competitive with industry leaders. These can include things like complimentary Microsoft 365 account licenses or other productivity bundles, potentially allowing your business to save even more money.

Overall, these two benefits can make paying for high-speed business internet worth the cost by increasing any business’s productivity.

Last Updated: December 14, 2018

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