These Restaurant Chains Probably Won’t Make It Through the Year


Like with retail, the restaurant industry is struggling to stay afloat.  Some brands were already having a tough time as Millennials have moved away from some legacy nationwide chains toward locally-owned operations. That means brands like Applebee's, Checkers and Rally's, and Ruby Tuesday are having a tough go of it. Themed chains seem to have lost their appeal as well. Joe's Crab Shack and Fuddrucker's used to be staples of family vacations, as they are located in traditional "getaway" destinations. These places, too, have been on a downturn.

Others have been impacted by the lastest worldwide health crisis. Golden Corral is famed for its extravagant buffet. But when patrons are barely able to visit restaurants for health reasons (to say nothing of the open-for-all nature of buffets), you can imagine that the bottom lines of businesses like Gold Corral have been impacted. 

Anyone who loves these restaurants should get all they can before they're gone!


Krystal’s is a southern company that seemed almost untouchable. This White Castle-esque fast food restaurant chain has 360 locations, but it seems like that number is getting smaller and smaller every year. Then, we all realized why.

Late January 2020, Krystal’s filed for bankruptcy due to being in debt. It owed anywhere between $50 to $100 million (the actual number hasn’t been reported). The company issued a statement that claimed restaurants would remain open, but we all know how quickly things can turn. 

Did you know...

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