the driver's seat of a luxury car

Top 10 Features to Look for in a Luxury Car

Luxury cars will always offer comfort, innovation, and safety while providing you with some of the best technology available. Here is a look at some the features that make these vehicles stand out as superior when compared to others. 

1. Seat Coolers

If you have leather seats in your luxury car, you should never go without a seat cooler. The sun can blaze leather seats, making it impossible to sit. Seat coolers not only stop this problem, but they often are able to cool passengers much better than air conditioners. 

2. Steering Wheel Warmer

During the winter, your steering wheel can get frigidly cold. As a result, the freezing temperatures can make the drive to work in the morning almost unbearable. This situation is no longer an issue with a steering wheel warmer. This feature warms your steering wheel in minutes, keeping your hands nice and toasty.

3. Hydrophobic Windows

These windows are certainly worth the cost. It makes driving in rainy weather a breeze as the water rolls off of your car like water off of a duck's back. These windows resist liquid, which will also make the vehicle much easier to clean.

4. Powered Trunk/Lift Gate

While lift gates may be found in many mainstream SUVs, your luxury car should also include this feature. It may be difficult to find a luxury vehicle with a powered trunk, but it makes all the difference. Once you've gotten accustomed to it, you'll always want this feature in your car.

5. Advanced Entertainment System

An advanced entertainment system is a must-have for all luxury vehicles. While it can be called different names such as IntelliLink or Info-Tainment, the system will include preloaded apps like Pandora and Sirius XM. It will also have the most up-to-date navigation system. Most importantly, it is easy to control with voice activation and search.

6. Luxurious Interior

Some may consider this a no-brainer, but no luxury car should use sub-par fabric in its interior. The seats, carpet, and trim should make you feel as though you never want to leave. The stitching should also be straight and detailed. Finally, the interior should always be soundless.

7. Seat Belt Extender

While minor, it can be a hassle to search for your seat belt when you're ready to drive. Some luxury cars come equipped with a seatbelt extender that will move your belt an extra few inches when you close the door. This extender gently pushes the seat belt closer to you, allowing you to grab with a small, swift movement.

8. Lambswool Floor Mats

Nothing says luxury like lambswool floor mats. You'll want to drive barefoot when you install these in your vehicle. This wonderfully soft mat will give your luxury car that extra feeling of downy soft that you deserve.

9. Lane Assist

Lane assist technology is becoming an important feature in all vehicles, not just luxury cars. This system determines if you are exiting your lane and moving into another by using the painted lines or reflectors on the road. If you drift out of your lane without signaling, the system may gently move the wheel to correct your position. 

10. Active Suspension

While most suspension systems use air or magnets, you should purchase a vehicle with an active suspension. This system uses sensors to determine how uneven or bumpy a road is, and then adjusts the wheels to give the passengers and driver a smooth ride. This feature makes any luxury car seem as though you're floating on a cloud.