Top 5 Shipping Companies

Choosing a shipping company can be difficult. You want your package to reach its location whole, on time, and without any issues. There are hundreds of companies to choose from, which makes the process that much harder. Whether you’re shipping internationally or domestically, here are the top 5 shipping companies of 2015.

  1. UPS
    With over 18 million packages delivered daily and 10 million customers, it’s not surprise that UPS is at the top of the list. What makes UPS special is excellent shipment insurance and live chat options. You can speak to a real, live representative to answer any questions you may have. It is also one of the few companies that will offer services like shipping hazardous materials or live animals. Generally, packages are delivered within five business days, which is easily one of the fastest on the list.
  2. FedEx
    With over 2,500 locations, you can find a FedEx office nearly anywhere. It is one of the few shipping companies that offer temperature control options. This can be important depending on what you’re shipping. The customer service at FedEx is superb, which is what really makes the company stand out. FedEx also keeps their prices reasonable to attract a bigger customer base. Thankfully, it manages to not cut costs when it comes to fragile shipping as it provides the utmost care for your parcel.
  3. United States Postal Service
    Mailing your package will never be easier than shipping through USPS. It has long been one of the largest and most reliable sources to go to. There are over 30,000 locations to choose from, not including drop boxes. It holds packages for 15 days, which is longer than UPS and FedEx combined. One of the best policies that USPS offers is if you pay for overnight shipping and it doesn’t reach the location in time, you get a full refund.
  4. TNT Express
    Shipping online and to other countries is perfect for TNT. Based out of the Netherlands, TNT prides itself on being able to send packages wherever you want without hassle. It has an “advantage” policy stating that it will reach over 200 countries and always meet your deadline. You can register for an account online and manage all of your shipments in one area. There is real-time tracking and digital proof-of-delivery images. Using their online service decreases the amount of time you spend shipping and reduces paperwork.
  5. Bolt Express
    With a strong focus on the safety of your shipment and the customer service you deserve, Bolt Express had to make the list. It features live chat representatives that work to answer your questions and find solutions to any problem that can arise during the shipment. This company is great if you’re shipping around central United States or into Mexico. Bolt express offers Saturday delivery, which can’t be said for all postal services. It can mostly be found in Ohio, but if you come across one of these locations while needing to ship something, look no further.