two people discussing a business loan with a banker

What is a Business Loan?

Businesses make profit, but sometimes more money is necessary for growth or to cover a lull in the quarter. When this extra money is needed, some companies take out loans. What are business loans what do they do? Could it be a smart move for your company? This overview can help you understand business loans in depth.

Business Loan Definition

A business loan is available to companies that are looking to grow or cover a slow quarter, but you can also get a bad credit business loan or business loans for new businesses. Companies take out loans for financial assistance and are later obligated to pay back the amount in full according to the loans terms and conditions.

Loans are not given out for free, and most loans require interest paid over the life of the debt. Interest is fixed or variable, which means that the interest rate will remain static or change based on the going rates of loans at the time. A variable rate can be good or bad, based on the market. Paying a low-interest rate is great, but a high-interest rate can be expensive.

Business Loan Types

Many different types of business loans are available based on the needs of a company. A traditional bank loan is one of the most common types of business loans whereby funding is provided through a financial institution, although this is no easy task. During a low economic situation, banks can tighten funding and make it difficult for companies to get necessary loans.

Business loans for new businesses are also an option for startups. It can be especially hard to secure a loan without any prior financial records, which could require some CEOs to use their own personal credit to gain a loan. However, some financial institutions are more than happy to create a business loan for new businesses.

A bad credit business loan may be the right option for companies that are in a tight spot fiscally. It can be difficult to pay off the debt due to high-interest rates, but it may be the only choice for some.

Aside from commercial options, businesses can also apply for a home equity line of credit if one or more of the company owners have a home. This method uses the personal credit of the owners to get funding, which can be risky if the company cannot pay off the debt.

Applying for a Business Loan

Applying for a business loan is easy. Several websites function to allow companies the opportunity to get extra funding when needed. As mentioned before, you can also apply for a business loan online or through a financial institution like a bank. However, be cautious when applying.

Don’t accept the first loan offered to you as the interest rate may not be the best you can achieve. Additionally, you should be clear of the terms and conditions before signing the contract which binds you to repay the debt. Collateral is sometimes required depending on the size of the loan, so make sure to check whether collateral is required and the market value of the property.

Last Updated: December 18, 2018