Where to Find Grants and Scholarships for Women

Finding grants and scholarships as a woman is pretty easy if you know where to look, but knowing where to look isn't so simple. There are plenty of websites meant to help you get funding for college, but these are some of the top ones you should visit to find grants and scholarships.

1. Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants is a website designed to help students find funding for higher education. This site has compiled a list of every scholarship available by state, field, and level. It has funding that can help you complete your first undergraduate degree or even graduate school. Simply find your field and browse through every scholarship available. Scholarships and Grants can also help you fill out an application by giving tips and tricks that could help you later. 

2. StudentAid.Ed.Gov

The Department of Education runs StudentAid.Ed.Gov and is committed to assisting women, single mothers, and anyone who needs help in funding their degree. Many of the grants on the page are need-based, but StudentAid also has a number of merit-based scholarships that someone can apply for if they’ve already entered a two- or four-year college. To find a scholarship, you just need to fill out a profile and answer a few questions about your income and GPA. Then, the website does the rest of the work for you.

3. American Association of University Women

The American Association of University Women is an organization devoted to helping women achieve a higher education. There are a number of grants and fellowships on the website that women can apply for to help them get their undergraduate or graduate degree. The award amount varies with the lowest being $2,000. Each grant is designed to help a woman in a particular field, so read the eligibility requirements carefully before applying.

4. FastWeb

FastWeb is the perfect place for a woman to find grants and scholarships. According to the site, it has access to over 1.5 million scholarships across the nation that could help you cover the cost of college. Signing up for an account is the best way to find grants that apply to your situation. To start a profile, fill out a questionnaire and FastWeb can decide which financial assistance helps you most including scholarships, grants, government aid, and loans. It can also help you find a college and give you tips on how to find a job once you’ve graduated. 

5. CollegeScholarships.org

CollegeScholarships is similar to FastWeb in the way that it’s designed to find scholarships all over the nation that could help someone through college. On this site, you can browse every opportunity, or you can filter and find ones that are applicable to your situation. For example, you can filter by gender, school level, ethnicity, award amount, and state. CollegeScholarships makes it easy to find the grant, see the deadline, and even find contact information if you want to know more.

Last Updated: September 04, 2018