a young student athlete sitting in his practice uniform on the bleachers smiling at the camera because he found an athletic scholarship

Which Sports Offer the Best Athletic Scholarships?

Are you an athletic person? You can use your skills on the court or field to pay for your school. The amount of scholarships available are tremendous, but some sports have more than others. 

Out of all of the sports in the United States, football has the highest number of scholarships available. There are at least 85 grants that football athletes can apply for, and NCAA is one of the biggest funders. 

The Walter Byers Scholarship is one of the best scholarships available to one male and one female student. The award amount is $24,000 and is renewable each year. There is also a postgraduate degree for athletes looking to further their education into a graduate school.

Basketball has the second most scholarships with 13 for men and 15 for women. The Walter Byers Scholarship is also open to basketball players. However, women and ethnic individuals have a chance to qualify for the NCAA’s Enhancement Graduate Scholarship if they want to go to graduate school. A total of 26 students are chosen and given $7,500 each for their college tuition. 

Last Updated: December 13, 2018

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