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Best Home Warranty Companies

If you’re shopping for a home warranty plan, take your time and get quotes from some of the most reliable service providers across the nation. You don’t want to end up paying out of pocket every time something goes wrong with your home. Here are a few of the top companies you’ll want to consider using for your coverage needs. 

Secure Home Warranty

The Secure Home Warranty company receives some of the top customer reviews. The company doesn’t require a home inspection before starting a contract and also allow homeowners to make as many claims as needed that qualify during a contract term. Customers can choose between three warranty plans:  the Elite, Core, or Appliance package. They offer 24-hour customer service for those unexpected accidents. 

The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club — known for their excellent customer service — offers one-year service plans for customers. There are two different packages: the Standard Plan for those that are looking for a basic policy and the Comprehensive Plan for consumers that want the most coverage possible. Both contracts can be expanded through add-on coverage options.

There are three service payment options to fit any budget and different policy payment choices. This company services 49 states. 

American Home Shield

American Home Shield offers policies for consumers in all 50 states and has been providing services since 1971. There are three policies for homeowners including the Appliance Policy, Systems Policy, and Combo Policy. Some plans can be purchased and paid off over time at less than $2 daily. This company accepts claims and compensates homeowners more than any other home warranty company currently in the United States. 

Select Home Warranty 

Select Home Warranty prides itself on having great customer service and affordable prices. Their claims representatives can be reached 24 hours a day, there are multiple policy choices for homeowners, and there are often promotional plans that offer free or discounted coverage. 

Last Updated: May 15, 2017