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How to Find the Cheapest Cell Phone Insurance

Cell phones can be expensive. You're already paying hundreds of dollars for the device itself, but if there is loss or damage, you have to pay even more to fix or replace it! Some insurance companies require you to pay a lot of money monthly or through a deductible, but here are some ways you can find cheaper cell phone insurance.


I can never tell people this enough in life! Negotiate everything. Mobile phone insurance is an extremely competitive market. While you may not be able to make your own price, if you attempt to negotiate, you may be able to shave off several fees at least. Customer service representatives, if asked, will be able to find you the cheapest price available. The trick to this is to be very personable. Be nice, chat, and get them to enjoy the conversation. People who like you are more likely to give you better deals.

Before negotiations, make sure to figure out the cheapest cell phone insurance plan. Nothing is worse than haggling someone down to a lower price and then hanging up to call another company. Start out by calling companies in your area and major cell phone insurance companies to figure out how much they'll charge to insure your device. Just explain to each customer service representative that you're calling to compare prices.

Compare different agencies.

Calling someone, going into a store, or visiting the company website may yield different results. You may even receive three different prices. If you've found a company you'd like to be insured by, find the cheapest price through these avenues.

The best route is probably calling someone. You're less likely to get a personalized price if the person doesn't deal with price alterations often. Of course, if you buy a plan online, you get what the website is programmed to give you. There is no way around that. As mentioned before, your best bet is to call a customer service representative and try to haggle them down as much as you can.

Consider a high deductible.

Maybe this is contrary to what you want, but if you rarely lose your phone, you might consider opting for a plan with a high deductible. A phone insurance plan with a high deductible is going to have a low monthly price. If you're buying the insurance for peace of mind, buying one with a low monthly cost will be a big money saver in the long run. However, if you're making several claims in one year, you may want to opt in for the cheaper deductible.

Ask for discounts.

There are several discounts available for most insurance companies. Group insurance coverage, military, AARP, you name it. The worst you can get is a "no." Asking for discounts based on where you work, the organizations you're involved in, or multiple plans is a fantastic way to lower prices. Some of these discounts can add up to a lot of savings in the long run.

Do your homework.

Saving money is important, but above all, always be sure to research the company. If you get insurance through a company that rarely pays out, you'll be paying for nothing. If the company often claims that there are issues they do not cover in an attempt to scam you, you'll want to avoid them. Researching these companies can be quite the task, but never insure without knowing who you're giving your money to.

Last Updated: December 14, 2015