Injury Compensation: What Is Your Body Worth?

Getting injured is the worst. Other than being in pain, you now have to shell out hard-earned money to fix something that could have been avoided in the first place. Injuries at work can be even worse. Workers train hard and practice good safety measures, but a company mistake can leave someone missing a leg or blind! Worker’s compensation is there to help when things like this happen.

This slideshow answers the question about what would happen if you were injured on the job. For most people, the big question is, "Would I have enough money to make ends meet?" Turns out, it depends on what you injure. In some states, losing just a thumb might leave you with a pretty decent nest egg. Other states pay you the minimum dollar for losing a toe. 

Of course, you never want to be injured on the job (or ever), but it pays—literally—to learn the ins and outs of your state’s workman’s compensation laws. It can even vary from company to company and depend on what type of injury you have. Paralysis, disfigurement, and losing limbs pays the best but also leaves you with permanent disabilities, which explains the high dollar amount attached to them. 

This handy guide can give you a quick intro to how much each of your precious body parts is worth. You might be surprised to see which injuries have the biggest payout. Keep reading to discover what your body is worth if you get injured on the job.

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