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What to Look for in a Homeowner's Insurance Company

There are several factors about homeowners insurance you should look for so you can make sure you are getting the best deal, the best customer service, and an all-around good experience. Here are five things you need to look for in your homeowner's insurance company.

Quality Coverage

When you choose a homeowner’s insurance policy, you need to be 100% sure about what your policy covers. The last thing you need is for something go wrong and not have adequate coverage. Before you accept a plan, be sure that everything you need is insured, rather than just the minimum. If you want to take a policy home to review it, the insurance company shouldn’t have any issues with this.

Excellent Customer Service

Whether you’re calling to report an issue on your bill or emailing for a claim, your insurance company should have excellent customer service. Every company will promise it has fantastic customer service, so it’s important to research other sources. One method is to check out the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports comments left by actual clients. Another way to check customer service is by asking around to find friends and family who have a policy with the company. Ask them questions to determine if they've ever had trouble.

Understanding Agents

When you visit an agent, they should be kind and understanding. Of course, most agents act polite when you want to start a policy. The best way to be sure that your agent cares about you and looks forward to having you as a client is by asking plenty of questions. If you have any issue with your policy, talk it out with your agent. This method may require you to schedule a meeting, but your agent should have no problem sitting down and talking your policy out with you.

Great Reputation

There are many insurance companies to choose from, but not every company has a quality reputation. Before you decide on any business, research their reputation. The last thing you need is for a company to drop your policy when you make a claim that is justified. A high Better Business Bureau rating can ensure that you’ll choose a company with a great reputation. You should also ask friends and family to give genuine ratings on insurance companies.

Easy Bill Pay

If you dislike paying your bill online, you need to ask if you can pay at a local office. However, if you love paying online, your company should also accommodate you. Before signing a policy, you should ask how the agent prefers the bill to be paid. Many companies now prefer automatically drafting from your bank account, but not every financial institution allows you to do this. Automatic withdrawals are a way to bypass fees that when you manually make a payment through a website or in person.

Last Updated: July 12, 2016