Scale weighing gold and silver for investments

Gold vs. Silver: Where to Put Your Money

If you have some extra cash on hand, you may be considering making an investment to increase your annual earnings. Investing in gold or silver can be a smart choice because these precious metals have historically increased in value every year. Gold and silver are a stable investment, and you will not have to worry about a significant decrease in price.

Many aspiring precious-metal investors are unsure of whether they should purchase gold or silver. There are some factors that may make one precious metal a more attractive investment than the other, and you should consider these factors before making a purchase.

Important Factors

Before you invest in gold or silver, you should consider the reputation of the dealer, applicable government regulations or laws, authenticity confirmation, cost of the precious metal, and the projected valuation of the metal for the future. Considering these factors will help you determine whether investing in gold or silver is a smart decision for your situation.

If you live in a country that heavily taxes gold or silver investments, you may want to avoid this investment. Some countries, such as India, have tight regulations on the manner in which a person can purchase gold. You should make sure that you are aware of any regulations so that you do not run into issues with a government agency. In India, for example, investors can no longer purchase gold with a credit card.

Value Comparisons

At the time of this article’s production, the current price of gold bullion is approximately $1,174 per ounce. Silver bullion has a price of around $16 per ounce. Silver may be an economical investment for those who do not have significant funds to invest. Both silver and gold are great investments during times of economic upheaval.

Silver may be a smart investment due to how it is used in manufacturing. Silver is frequently involved in the production of electronic devices, such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Gold, on the other hand, is not frequently used in manufacturing due to its high price. The usability factor increases the value of silver. Also, silver is an easier investment to manage since it is more affordable. Investors can have peace of mind knowing that silver can be easily resold.

Assessing Daily Values

As you consider whether to purchase gold or silver, you should track the daily value of these precious metals. You should remember the motto, “Sell high, buy low.” If you notice that a precious metal is at its lowest point throughout the month, then you may want to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase it. You can purchase gold and silver directly from dealers or mining companies. Silver and gold are sold in the form of bars or coins.


Gold and silver are both great investments. One will be a better investment for you depending on your circumstances. If you have significant funds to spend, you may want to consider buying some gold bars. If you have a limited investment budget, silver coins may be the better buy.

Last Updated: June 04, 2015