IPO portfolio

Top 5 Recent IPOs to Add to Your Portfolio

Initial public offerings give you the chance to purchase stock in companies that are being offered to the public for the first time. IPOs are risky, and it can be difficult to determine how they perform, but here are the top, most recent offerings of the last couple of months that you should add to your portfolio. 


Medpace was priced on August 11th and quickly raised millions with shares priced at $23. This company is a global full-service CRO that specializes in small to mid-sized biopharma sectors but has intentions of increasing its presence in large pharmas (which are much more stable). Medpace is headquartered in Ohio and is offering a total of 7 million shares to potential buyers. At this time, Medpace offers industry leading EBITDA margins, double digit growth and lower debt than its peers. Its goal is to raise $161 million.     

Protagonist Therapeutics

With headquarters in California, Protagonist Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on oral-peptide drugs that target biological pathways also targeted by currently marketed injectable antibody drugs. Protagonist Therapeutics was also priced on the 11th of August, but for only $12 per share in the hopes of raising $90 million with 7.5 million shares offered. The profits from this company stem from a focus on medications that treat inflammatory bowel disease—which affects over 1.6 Americans alone. 


Airgain provides embedded antenna technologies that allow the use of high-performance wireless networking across homes, businesses, and industrial devices. The company currently enables 125 million wireless devices in the market, and it has over 330 high-performance products. It’s headquartered in California and is offering 1.5 million shares at $8 each to get an initial public offering of $12 million total. Airgain released pricing on August 12th.

First Hawaiian, Inc.

Headquartered in Hawaii, First Hawaiian is the state’s largest bank and is offering investors the chance to purchase shares at $23 each to raise $485 million. This promising bank shows $19 billion of assets and $16 billion in deposits at the end of last year (2015). It has a total of 63 branches located all over Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan. According to Nasdaq, the filings for First Hawaiian are recorded as revenue of $197 million, net income of $65 million, and stockholders’ equity of over $2 billion.


For an international option, Pantheon is headquartered in Amsterdam and has decided to offer up over 29 million shares at $21 per share to gain an additional $625 million in capital—which makes it the fourth largest IPO of the year. Pantheon is a global provider of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services and boasts over $2 billion in total assets. The company also has clients in over 70 countries, which include 20 of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world. Pantheon also provides services for around 700 products and molecules.

Last Updated: January 11, 2017