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3 Lawyers That Can Help When You're In Financial Trouble

Minor financial trouble is no sweat to handle on your own, but if you have more serious issues, you may need to contact a lawyer. If you’re being sued, if you think that you’re being wrongfully pursued, or if you feel like your case has been handled unlawfully in any way, then you should contact a lawyer for legal advice.

Debt Collection Lawyer

What you’re actually looking for here is a lawyer that specializes in debt relief or consumer law. At any point in your dealings with a debt collection agency, if they’ve mishandled the case, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Examples include:

  • Harassment: excessive calling, calling after you’ve sent a letter asking them to stop, or calling you at your place of work when you’ve asked them not to
  • Threatening: wage garnishment, asset seizure, violence, or even just threatening a law suit
  • Breach of privacy: telling your boss about your debt, talking to your family about what you owe, or talking to anyone who didn’t cosign about your debt.

A lawyer can let you know for sure and guide you through the proceedings.

Tax Lien Lawyer

When you’re looking for an attorney for help with a tax lien, your first instinct may be to hire a tax attorney. If you’re already facing a tax lien though, a debt relief lawyer may be equally helpful. Tax liens are serious; the IRS can place a lien on your personal assets to help them recover the unpaid debt.

A lawyer can help you understand the consequences as well as negotiate on your behalf to set up a payment plan or other agreement with the IRS. If you’re planning on selling the property that has the lien or if you’re considering bankruptcy, a lawyer can also help you understand how your unpaid taxes will affect that.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are seriously struggling with a staggering amount of debt, then bankruptcy may be the option that you need to get a fresh start. Hiring a lawyer to help you through the process can help you negotiate lower monthly payments on your outstanding debts, decide which type of bankruptcy might be best for you, and minimize the overall cost of your bankruptcy.

You may not find a lawyer or law practice that specializes in exactly the type of financial trouble you’re having, but you should be sure that your selected lawyer at least has experience in financial law. With the right legal help, your lawsuit will go much easier.

Last Updated: January 11, 2017