5 Nice Ways to Say, "I Want a Prenuptial Agreement"

So you want a prenuptial agreement, but your partner is unlikely to go for it. Don't worry; these five simple suggestions are great ways to smooth over this sensitive issue and avoid hurt feelings, so dive in and get smart before you get married.

  1. Ask for It As a Birthday Present
    This one works best when you haven't actually proposed yet. Ask your partner if he or she would get you a special gift for your birthday. Then say you want a prenuptial agreement; your aspiring spouse will be so pleasantly surprised that you want marriage that it won't really matter about the incidental details.
  2. Blame It on Your Kids
    Even if you don't have children together yet, you can use them as a great excuse to justify prenuptial agreements. Let your spouse-to-be know that the prenup can take care of the kids just in case. This also shows that you're a responsible person.
  3. Ask on the First Date
    Bring the issue up as early as possible. It's easy to play it off as a joke by saying you want a prenup for how you'll split your dinner-date leftovers, and putting the idea in your potential partner's head now will facilitate open discussion later.
  4. Tell Your Partner You're Going to Steal His or Her Stuff
    Let your partner know the prenup protects him or her just as much as it protects you. Compliment your partner's nice car and then jokingly say you hope there isn't going to be a prenup. This reverse psychology should do the trick.
  5. Be Straightforward
    The best relationship strategy is honesty. Ask your partner how he or she feels about prenuptial agreements. Make it clear that you want to protect the relationship you share and not just your property. This is the easiest way to begin a healthy dialogue.
Last Updated: March 19, 2015