5 Signs You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

In America, nearly one out of every two married couples gets divorced at some point in time. Divorce laws can be a bit unfair when it comes to dividing up money and possessions, so signing a prenup can protect you from being stripped of your valuables if the relationship goes south. If you recognize the following signs in your relationship, sign a prenup before saying, "I do."

  1. Your Partner Never Wants to Do Anything Inexpensive Love isn't something that's quantifiable, but your partner may like to measure it in cold, hard cash. Watching a movie, playing Scrabble, spooning--none of it ever sparks any interest in your supposed soul mate. Mentions of fancy dinners, international trips, and shopping for shiny toys, however, always generate a glimmer in his or her eye.
  2. Your Partner Demands Access to Your Bank Accounts "Just in Case" It's not uncommon for partners who fully trust one another to share bank accounts or credit cards, but not every couple is that open about finances. If you've expressed your opposition to giving your significant other the keys to your Fort Knox and you faced backlash over access to the gold, it's a bad sign.
  3. Your Partner Has More Debt Than Savings There's nothing inherently wrong with marrying someone who has debt, but it can be a very risky move. If your lover has the assets of a pauper but spends like royalty, you're going to be squeezed dry.
  4. You Own a Profitable Business, and Your Spouse Is Unemployed We all face financial hardship at some point in time, but if your partner has been riding on your paychecks since day one, say that your business is failing. If he or she threatens to leave, don't argue.
  5. You Trust Your Accountant More Than Your Partner Trust is the foundation of all meaningful relationships, so its absence should set off an ear-screeching alarm in your brain. Sign a prenup if you want to make it out of the marriage with more than the clothes on your back.
Last Updated: January 20, 2016