A wooden gavel and red stethoscope lying next to each other to represent the importance of using an accident injury lawyer after being injured in an accident.

7 Tips for Dealing with Accident Injury Lawyers

An accident injury lawyer is your primary advocate and ally when fighting for fair compensation after an injury. You need to be a cooperative and helpful partner in the legal process for the best results. These seven tips will help you work well with your accident injury lawyer.

  1. Choose a Lawyer You Are Comfortable Around.

    You should always start by choosing a lawyer you are comfortable working with. Lawyers are people and therefore have varying personalities. One lawyer might communicate in a way that is confusing or might have a personality that conflicts with yours. If you take the time to choose a compatible lawyer, then it will be much easier working with the attorney.

  2. Always Be Honest.

    You have the best chance of a successful claim if you are absolutely honest with your lawyer at all times. Lying or withholding information puts your attorney at a distinct disadvantage and could cripple your case later. You should respond fully and honestly to all the questions your lawyer asks.

  3. Respond Quickly To Communications.

    Your lawyer is going to leave you messages, send you documents, and email you. You need to address these communications immediately. Make sure you understand what is being conveyed and respond to the lawyer as quickly as possible if necessary. Delaying responses or ignoring communications can limit your lawyer’s ability to represent you effectively.

  4. Report Anything That Changes or Is Suspicious.

    You need to keep your lawyer informed about your situation at all times. This means letting your lawyer know about anything that changes, including a change in your injuries, recovery progress, medical treatments, letters or messages from other parties involved in the case, or being followed around by an insurance adjuster. You need to inform your attorney about anything that changes or seems suspicious.

  5. Do Not Interact with Other Parties without Your Lawyer.

    You should never interact with other parties involved with the case without your lawyer present. Your communications should all go through your attorney. A wrong word or unclear statement could harm your case significantly. If anyone approaches you about your case, then you need to refer that person to your lawyer.

  6. Stay Organized.

    You are going to accumulate a large amount of documentation and other communications over the course of the case and you need to keep it all as organized as possible. You should sort legal documents, statements, and medical records so that they are easy to find and retrieve. This can prevent frustration and problems later on when your attorney needs one of those documents.

  7. Follow All Instructions.

    Follow all of the instructions your accident injury lawyer gives you. Your lawyer is provides instructions, advice, and suggestions for a reason. Not following these instructions could make your case much more difficult to win. If you cannot or plan not to follow instructions, then speak to your attorney to find an alternative solution.

Last Updated: December 15, 2014