Types of Lawyers

Choosing a specialized lawyer gives you the assurance that the person defending your legal rights has a degree of familiarity with your kind of case. Because there are many different legal situations, there are many types of attorneys who handle cases in those fields. Below are examples of specialized lawyers you should consider.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer works with people who have received injuries at the hands of other parties. You should look for one of these attorneys if you've suffered injuries related to vehicle accidents, pet bites, slip-and-fall incidents, workplace accidents, or defective products. Personal injury lawyers try to prove that neglect caused your injuries. These legal professionals do their best to help clients receive compensation for injuries.

Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultation and flexible payment options such as contingency fees, which forego upfront payments in exchange for a portion of settlement winnings.

Family Lawyer

A family law attorney handles legal disputes that deal with divorce, paternity, child custody, domestic violence, relocation, alimony, child support, and more. Family law attorneys can also assist with estate matters and living wills. Even the simplest family matters can become complex when they involve children and property. Consulting with this specialized attorney is recommended if your legal conflict deals with relatives.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer defends people who have been accused of breaking the law. These attorneys can help you with traffic tickets, DUI charges, drug charges, theft accusations, assault charges, battery, larceny, and more. A criminal defense lawyer will work hard to prevent his or her client from spending time in jail, ideally with a “not guilty” ruling.

If you are convicted of a crime, your attorney can still bargain to have your sentence reduced. You may be able to receive probation for crimes that would have brought long-term jail sentences. No one should face criminal charges without consulting a defense lawyer.

Social Security and Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Lawyers who specialize in Social Security and workers’ compensation fight for the rights of people trying to collect benefits. A workers’ compensation attorney will make sure insurance companies and medical organizations "play by the rules" when serving you. Social Security lawyers help disabled people file appeals for benefits. Many of these attorneys offer contingency fee plans that can spare you a great deal of stress that would be associated with paying for legal representation up front.

Last Updated: December 21, 2015