10 Celebrities Busted for Tax Evasion

10 Celebrities Busted for Tax Evasion. Tax season is around the corner, and you know what that means: some of us will get stuck with a bill that’s absolutely ridiculous. No one wants to pay taxes, but we do every year. Well, at least most of us.

Tax evasion is a serious thing, but celebs think that they’re above the law. Time after time, celebrities have been arrested because they seem to forget that they have to pay taxes like the rest of us! How is it that they get away with owing so much? Well, just because you’ve struck it big, doesn’t mean you can get out of paying taxes.

The rich and famous are particularly notorious for having run-ins with the IRS. It’s incredibly shady, especially since a few million to them is chump change. Well, today, we’re going to go over come celebs that thought they could get away with tax evasion. While some of these celebs got a slap on the wrist, some of them were actually arrested and served time! Way to go, Lauryn Hill.

One thing is for sure, these Hollywood elites will think twice before trying to run out on paying their dues. From tax liens and convictions, here are 10 stars that were struck with tax liens and convictions.  

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