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10 Things You Can’t Sell on Craigslist

10. Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Identity

Here’s a unique way to get back at your ex: sell her personal information to identity thieves! After all, she broke your heart; you’re entitled to breaking her immaculate credit score. Still interested? Unfortunately, confidential information such as social security numbers can’t be sold on Craigslist. Guess you’ll just have to write an immature Facebook status about her. Again.

9. Anything Related to a Multi-level Marketing Scheme

It’s bad enough that you’ve driven away your Facebook friends with your multilevel marketing outreach. On Craigslist, you can’t post about whatever life-changing product you’re trying to sell. Whether you’re on the site’s message boards or the classifieds, you can’t post about any affiliate marketing, networks, or multi-level marketing ploys.

8. Bedsheets That Your Cat Peed On

“Aside from the pungent odor of cat urine, these sheets are of the highest quality!” Not according to Craigslist standards. Even if you’re selling 800 thread-count sheets spun of Egyptian cotton, you can’t sell unsanitary clothing or bedding. 

7. Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Playstation

Okay, so maybe stealing and selling your ex’s social security number is a little too extreme. If you’ve considered stealing her PS4 instead (or any other possessions) and selling it on Craigslist, you should probably reevaluate your life choices. Besides, you can’t sell stolen property on Craigslist anyways. Have you considered burying the hatchet? 

6. A Gray Wolf Puppy

First of all, how did you get your hands on an endangered animal? Secondly, you can’t sell any endangered species. And a gray wolf shouldn’t end up as someone’s exotic pet. 

5. Hitman Services

People advertise their services on Craigslist. If you’re a plumber or electrician, feel free to make yourself available for work. If you’re promoting your hitman startup, you don’t belong on Craigslist. Also, why would you publicly post about your illegal business? That’s not best practices.

4. The Monkey’s Paw

You got your hands on this mummified monkey’s paw, and although it granted a wish or two, it totally ruined your life. Don’t you wish you could pawn the relic off on some poor sucker? It’s a shame you can’t do it on Craigslist. The buying and selling of animal parts is strictly prohibited. 

3. A DIY Home Burglary Kit

Complete with a ski-mark and crowbar! Buy yours now for only $19.99! Since you can’t sell burglary tools (or anything that will promote crime) on Craigslist, you should take your novel ideal elsewhere. Maybe a subscription box would be popular. 

2. Drug-Free Urine

There’s definitely a market for good, wholesome pee. You can’t tap into it on Craigslist, since they forbid the sale of body fluids. 

1. Four Functional Crossbows

Look, I don’t know how you got your hands on these crossbows (and why you felt compelled to buy four), but you can’t sell weaponry, ammo, or any related items. Even BB guns.