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10 Things You Could Do for the Cost of a New Car

1. Have a blowout wedding (or three modest ones).

According to The Knot’s annual wedding survey, the average cost of a wedding is $31,213. Although the number varies by states—an upscale venue in NYC will cost much more than a classy venue in Minnesota—you could go all-out with a wedding instead of buying a new car. However, most couples spend $10,000 or less, so having $33,820 is plenty if you’re planning to get married three times. 

2. Buy 25 70" Smart TVs.

Create the ultimate entertainment center by covering your walls with television screens. Nobody truly needs 25 Smart TVs. But does anyone need a new car every other year?

3. Invest in the stock market.

If you play your cards right, you can make your $33,820 investment grow. From there, you can save, reinvest, or reap the rewards. Perhaps you’ll buy two or three new cars.

4. Adopt a child.

A new car decreases in value the second it hits the road, but you can’t put a price on the intrinsic value of adoption. Well, you technically can. If you adopt a child from the foster system, you could pay up to $2,500. Adopting a child through an adoption agency will cost anywhere between $8,000 to $40,000 on average. 

5. Go to community college.

On average, a semester at a community college costs $3,347. You’ll pay a few hundred dollars extra for text books and school supplies, but the cost is very affordable compared to tuition at a four-year institution. 

6. Pop the question elaborately.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? In that regard, the bigger the diamond, the better the relationship. Buy your lady’s affections with this massive diamond ring from Tiffany & Co

7. Build a tiny home...

You probably shouldn’t move the family of four into a tiny home, but a tiny home would be a great investment for you and one person you can tolerate sharing 150 square feet with. Take a page from the two tiny housers behind Tiny House, Giant Journey: they spent $29,328 on their tiny home, and now they travel across North America with their dog. 

8. or make a down payment a normal home.

Are tiny houses not your style? Put a down payment on a large (but not too large) home. The median cost of a house in America is $188,900; depending on your state, that can get you a sizeable family home or a modest bungalow. If you can find a place that’s $165,000, you’ll only have to put down $33,000.

9. Buy 10 designer puppies.

One Labradoodle (or Maltipoo or Pomchi or whatever) isn’t enough. A single designer dog can cost over $1,000, which is a steep price for a pup. But hey, you love luxury pets. Let’s say a fixed Labradoodle pup costs $1,500. You’ll easily spend at least $1,170 in your first year of dog ownership. To purchase and take care of 10 designer dogs, you’ll spend $25,600. Use the remaining $8,000 to fill a wardrobe with dog sweaters. 

10. Travel across South America.

Backpacking across Europe is a popular option—it’s also more expensive. Your money will stretch further in other corners of the world. You won’t need a new car while you’re exploring South America; Simon Fairbairn and Eric McNeaney saw everything from Brazil to Columbia. The two of them spent $21,407 over the course of 355 days