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10 Things You Should Never Do When You're Broke

10. Buy a Puppy

Puppies are small tornados of teeth and destruction. When you factor in the cost, think about the fact that you're not only paying for the puppy (and a baby gate, and a carrier, and shots, and food) but also for the cost of replacing everything the dog demolishes. If you do want companionship, try adopting a dog from a local shelter. Most of the medical issues will be covered already, the dog will (hopefully) already know how to behave, and you couldn't ask for a more grateful companion. 

9. Play World of Warcraft

This isn't a dig at video games, or even MMOs, but with so many going free-to-play, paying for a monthly subscription to WoW doesn't make a lot of sense. You're effectively paying someone to have a part-time job on top of school, or the two or three part-time jobs you're probably already working. Why would you do that?

8. Get Emails from Limited-Edition T-shirt Sites

Whether it's Shirt.w00t!, TeeFury, or ShirtPunch, or any of the many, many others that have sprung up, you don't need a tiny, awesome temptation in your email inbox every day. It's probably best just to ignore it. Hit unsubscribe so you don't even have to know what you're missing out on. 

7. Go to the Movies

With ticket prices rising, it's best to just Netflix and chill with a friend at home. You could always go out and skip the popcorn, but what's a theater without popcorn? Besides, you know your local theater doesn't really get a cut of the ticket sales, and need that popcorn money to stay open. Buy a jar of popcorn kernels to make on the stovetop and start marathon-watching Daredevil.

6. Get Sick

Sorry, buddy, but you can't afford healthcare anyway, and if you miss that shift at your second minimum-wage job you're going to have to skip some meals this week, which means you'll only feel sicker for not having eaten. Suck it up, and head into work. Just be sure to sneeze quietly, away from food and people who will try to make you go home.

5. Develop an Addiction

Sure, it may seem glamorous and exciting when you see it on television, but the truth is that maintaining an addictive habit is pricey, and only gets more expensive as your addiction spirals out of control. Plus, if your drugs get stolen, you can't report that to the police, which means you just have to take the financial hit - and you really can't afford that right now. 

4. Gamble

They say that you should never gamble with money you aren't okay with losing. Right now, you can't afford to be okay with losing any money. This includes scratch-off tickets, the potato chips of gambling.

3. Invest in the Stock Market

See point #4 about gambling.

2. Eat Out

If you want a nice dinner, have friends chip in and cook for them. Everyone needs a treat every now and then, but a meal can get expensive in a hurry. Another important thing to consider is that if you're that broke, you're going to feel anxious about tipping, and if you can't afford to leave a tip, you can't really afford to eat out. In case you're not familiar with "tip wage," it means that waiters get paid less than $3/hour in most states,  and depend on tips to pay the rent.

1. Buy Coffee Shop Coffee

Yes, mochas are awesome and foamy and luxurious, but you can make luxurious coffee yourself. Odds are you already have a coffee maker. If not, a small French press is like 20 bucks and a simple Mr. Coffee is about the same. You can buy a pound of coffee for the price of like two lattes, and cream, syrup, and sugar are all way cheaper and last way longer than anything you can get in a coffee shop. You can treat yourself to nice things in the coffee aisle of your grocery store and still save a ton of money.