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10 Ways to Save Money on Christmas Decorations

‘Tis the season to decorate your house with dazzling lights and beautiful decorations. Just because you want your house to reflect your holiday spirit doesn’t mean you have to break your budget. Your wallet will love you with these 10 ways to save money on your Christmas decorations.

  1. Get a coupon for your tree.
    The tree can be one of the most expensive investments every holiday season, especially if you go for a live tree. Full priced firs or pines could set you back hundreds of dollars. Don’t pay full price! Go online and get a coupon from places like Groupon or Living Social. Look for offers where you can cut your own tree, which can bring the price down as much as 50% off.
  2. Buy your decorations before Thanksgiving.
    Buying during the off season will save you bundles of cash. Many stores put out decorations that it had left over from the previous year. It’ll want these decorations gone. You can save up to 75%, though the selection may quite limited.
  3. Make your own decorations.
    Making your own decorations is a great family activity and will save plenty of money. Buy scented pinecones from the store and paint the edges silver, gold, or whatever color you want. They are beautiful, festive decorations that will make your house smell like cinnamon. There are plenty of ways to make your own decorations. Get creative!
  4. Buy from dollar stores.
    There are several stores that sell nice Christmas decorations for cheap. Dollar stores will have wonderful finds for 99 cents or less. This is a great place to get the throwaway decorations you won’t be keeping for the following year like tinsel. It’s also a great place to buy goodies that go in stockings. Consider buying napkins, holiday towels, and other decorations at here as well.
  5. Repurpose your household items.
    Chances are there are plenty of items around your house you can reuse. Candles can be repurposed with a bit of festive ribbon at the base. Cutting postcards and displaying them in frames will also provide a beautiful array of photos.
  6. String up popcorn.
    Popcorn is super cheap and is a classic holiday theme. Sewing thread and a needle can be used for the actual string, and popcorn can be bought for a couple of bucks. It’s best to buy the popcorn that cooks on the stove rather than the bagged kind. Simply buy a bag and string up popcorn around your house for a festive, cheap holiday look
  7. Ask for a price match.
    If you’ve found that something is cheaper at another store, request that your retailer price match their competitor. Most of the time, retailers will price match nearly anything. This includes Christmas decorations. Carefully scan your ads and compare prices for your local stores. Wal-Mart and Target stores always price match any local competitor’s price. Take advantage of this!
  8. Buy decorations online.
    If you want to buy early, but not as early as Thanksgiving, look online. Be sure to allow plenty of shipping time. Don’t buy your decorations a week ahead of time. However, if you buy in late November to the first week of December, you can find amazing deals online. Plus, free shipping is huge this time of year.
  9. Create your own color scheme.
    Objects or decorations that are red, green, and white will drastically increase in price in December. If you consider making your own color scheme, you can save some money. Instead of red and green, think blue and silver. This looks great around the house and is very unique. There are plenty of color schemes out there. Find one that works best for you.
  10. Buy your decorations after Christmas.
    This tip is for after the holiday season. Christmas clearance lets you stock up on holiday decorations for cheap. Buying your decorations a week or two after Christmas will give you nice quality decorations for the next year. Not only that, but you’ll have more money to spend on presents since you purchased your decorations in January! 
Last Updated: November 16, 2015