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10 Ways to Save Money this Christmas

Christmas is one of the most expensive seasons of the whole year. Buying gifts, decorations, and cards can break the budget very quickly. Then, you’re left trying to figure out what you can cut out. Well, before the holiday season starts, consider these 10 ways to save money this Christmas season.

  1. Make a budget.
    One of the biggest mistakes anyone does during the holiday season is not setting an adequate budget. Set a budget for gifts, decorations, and cards. This way you’re able to buy everything you want. Make a list of what you need to purchase, how much it is going to cost, and stick to the prices. 
  2. Buy greeting cards on a budget.
    There are plenty of websites you can purchase cards in bulk. offers bulk holiday cards at cheaper prices than you'll find in most stores. Sometimes, it’s even cheaper than specialized bulk stores like Sam’s Club or Costco. These cards are fully customizable and become cheaper the more cards you need.
  3. Make your own decorations.
    Making your own home decorations or repurposing household items is a fantastic way to save a little cash this season. Buying scented pine cones and painting them will provide a beautiful decoration that will make your whole house smell like cinnamon. Repurpose old candles with ribbon or cut old Christmas cards and hang them around the house.
  4. Find online deals.
    Purchasing gifts online will end up being much cheaper than buying in store. However, you should give yourself enough time to receive the item. Ordering last minute will result in presents arrive far too late. Plan on buying what you need at least two weeks ahead of time. Websites like provide you with internet deals from several websites like eBay, Amazon, and other smaller sites.
  5. Avoid “buy more” deals.
    There are deals where if you buy more of something, you end up saving more. Don’t get sucked into this trick. Stores will post these deals to make you sign up for credit cards or to make you spend more money overall. Just because it looks like a discount, doesn’t mean it is. Do the math and figure out how much you’re losing if you buy more. 
  6. Spend cash.
    Spending cash helps you determine how much you have to spend. Having the physical paper will make you consider if you should spend it. Studies have found that those who spend cash will end up spending less. Plus, when you’re out of money, then the money is gone. This is a great way to set a budget and stick with it. Your shopping is over when your money is gone.
  7. Team up for larger gifts
    Technology has always been at the top of everyone’s list. New phones, a new gaming console, a new computer – all of these items are popular requests. Some of these gifts can be upwards of $300. Teaming up with someone to purchase a gift is a fantastic way to save money.
  8. Buy vacation tickets early.
    If you’re going on a vacation, buy the tickets early. Very early. Airfare and hotel prices increase dramatically during the holiday season because people are more likely to travel. Purchase your tickets as early August 10th, but no later than at least 10 days before the actual holiday.
  9. Save on wrapping paper.
    There are several ways you can save money on wrapping paper. For people who like comic strips, consider using the comic strip page as wrapping paper. Find cheap books and cut the pages out to make a beautiful, literary wrapping paper. You can also use regular printer paper with drawings on them. If you have children, nothing is more adorable than their drawings used as wrapping paper!
  10. Buy after the holidays.
    If having Christmas on December 25th isn’t a big deal, consider having it a few days later. Another option is promising to take the person to buy the gift themselves the day after Christmas. This way, you spend time with the person while buying them something they truly want! You can save as much as 50% on items after the holidays, which will save money and create a memorable experience. 
Last Updated: December 07, 2015