20 Con Men You Can't Help Admiring

What makes a good con man? They have to be charming, clever, and incredibly, incredibly confident. Those traits are certainly admirable, and certainly makes it hard to tell them no.

But not all con men are created equal--some truly go above and beyond in the audacity and outrageousness of their schemes. Most we dismiss as scum, but the truly crazy ones...well, you can't help but admire them. At least a little.  That's not to say that these people should be applauded for their crimes, but their ingenuity and cunning are truly a sight to behold. 

The following men (and women!) were truly masters of their craft--even if that craft happened to be criminal. No matter your personal feelings about them, there's something magical about watching an artist who's at the top of their game. And if anybody is at the top of the con artist game, it's these people. Here are the 20 con men that we just can't help but admire! (Mostly.)

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