25 Best Places to Retire on a Budget

25 Best Places to Retire on a Budget. Getting to retire is the best time of a person’s life. They suddenly have all the time in the world to do what they want whether it’s hiking, watching movies, arts and crafts, cooking, or whatever. What they do is all up to them! Naturally, a lot of people decide to move when they retire because—well, why not? It can be nice to get a chance of scenery or to experience a new climate. If someone’s lived in Denver their whole lives, maybe they’re tired of the snow and have their eyes set on Florida!

That being said, it can be tough knowing where to retire. The moment you retire, you’re on a fixed income. For some, their budget drastically decreased, and now they must really think about their living circumstances; it’s time to cut costs where possible (unless you put a lot of money into a 401k).

Don’t worry! There are tons of places a person can retire whether they’re on a strict budget or not. We’ve found 25 places that love retirees. We’ve listed how much the average home cost is as well as whether the state is tax-friendly toward retirees. No matter the climate you enjoy or your activity level, there’s bound to be a place you’ll love.

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