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3 Scholarships Women Can’t Afford to Pass Up

Scholarships for women exist for many reasons. Some of these scholarships are funded by a university or organization that wants to help women gain access to areas that are hard for them to break into. Others have been funded by well-established groups that exist to further progress for women. If you’re a female college student looking for some tuition assistance, you can’t afford to pass up these # scholarships for women.

  1. The AAUW Selected Professions Fellowship
    The American Association of University Women is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with hundreds of years of history. Established in 1881, the AAUW has worked to bring equality among education for women and girls, in addition to taking a stand in social, economic and political issues regarding women. The AAUW offers multiple scholarships, but this one is notable because it’s available for women in grad school. 

    If you’re a full-time grad student in a field with low female participation—which the AAUW classifies as architecture, computer and information sciences, engineering, and mathematics—you are eligible to receive funding during your fellowship year. Women of color are encouraged in the following postgraduate degree programs, which traditionally lack participation from nonwhite women, are encouraged to apply: law, medicine, and MBA programs.
  2. Emerging Voices Scholarships
    Are you an aspiring writer or journalist? You should consider applying for the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation’s Emerging Voices Scholarship! Full-time undergraduate and graduate students studying journalism, English, or any fields related to media communications are allowed to apply. Recipients get $2,500 in exchange for being AWM bloggers for a semester. They also get to attend the AWM Gracie Awards Luncheon in New York City. College money and published writing—who can argue against that?
  3. Society of Women Engineers
    The Society of Women Engineers gave out over $660,000 in new and continued scholarships in 2015. They award scholarships for women in undergraduate, masters, and PhD engineering programs. As long as you’re entering an ABET-accredit engineering program, you are eligible. 

    If you’re a nontraditional student who wants to reenter the workforce with an engineering degree, the SWE has a scholarship for you. Part-time or full-time students who have been out of school or the STEM workforce for at least two years can apply. You can be in any year of your undergraduate or graduate school engineering program—and unlike other scholarships, there is no minimum GPA requirement. 
Last Updated: February 08, 2017