30 Cheap Hacks to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

30 Cheap Hacks to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger. These cheap tricks will make a small space seem so much bigger. That’s what everyone needs right? Let's say someone just moved into a new apartment or house, and there’s no denying that the square footage is a little lacking. Then you have those that bought a tiny home or just a one-bedroom house that's inexpensive but cramped. It's surprising how much décor and furniture can clog up a space!

No one wants to feel claustrophobic, especially in their own home. That’s where you’re supposed to feel most comfortable. That’s why living in a limited amount of square feet can make everyone feel trapped and cramped. Not what you want after a long day of work or fun!

Personally, we get pretty frustrated with living in tiny spaces without making any changes – mostly because we’re the type to move things around quite a bit. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a change, but you should focus on the important ones.

You can make the most of your humble abode by following these space-making decorating tips. Best of all, we focused on ones that won’t bust your wallet or break your bank. From moving all your stuff from the ground to decluttering your closet, we’re going to get down and dirty to list all the tips we know. After a short amount of time, your home will go from confined to roomy. Heck, you could even invite people over to show them how much room you really have – who said a small place wasn’t an investment?!

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