Woman managing money on the go with money management apps

4 Good Money Management Apps For Your Smartphone

Maintaining your budget while being mobile is no longer a difficult task. Mobile software apps allow for easy wealth managing wherever you might be. Here are four of the best money management apps.

  1. Level Money
    This free app has a clean, easy to use interface that links to both your credit card and bank accounts. The app will use information obtained from your bank account to determine your monthly income. It will also calculate your average monthly expenses and determine how much money you should aim to spend or save on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can also account for a portion of your income which is transferred to savings. 

    However, sophisticated users may find the simple options a little too generic. For example, cash based expenses are not always displayed accurately. Also, there are no options to categorize the income or expenses in a chart or detailed pie-chart fashion. Nonetheless, basic users will find that Level Money has enough features to help them maintain a daily budget. It's free and available for Apple and Android.
  2. Spendee
    Spendee is a budgeting wealth management software app with a focus on personal expenses. This app is easily recognizable by its modern, bright colored user interface. The soft, pastel colors display the amount of expenses you have incurred in category or graph style. The graphics provide a succinct breakdown of what you spend money on, and can be filtered to show expenses per day, or over a certain time period. Another useful feature is the ability to access your phone's camera through the app to take images of receipts and bills. Before considering this app, you should know that Spendee itself will add to your expenses in the amount of $1.99 if you use an Apple device. For Android, it's free.
  3. Billguard
    The previous version of this app was focused on providing security notifications for unauthorized debit or credit card transactions. Now, the app has added a spending and savings functionality. You can connect your credit or debit cards to the app and have your information automatically updated. You can use the information recorded to compare your spending habits with that of a previous month. 

    Aside from this, the app is void of any other type of financial analysis and, therefore, isn't very helpful when it comes to money management tips. One unique feature is an integrated coupon scanner which downloads web-based coupons that match the places you shop. The app is still being developed, and there are plans to add more features, such as real-time alerts when a spending threshold is passed. It's free and available from the AppStore and Google Play.
  4. Bdgt
    Bdgt is an iPhone wealth management software app that helps you budget money on a daily basis. The app's homepage features your personal financial info in turquoise against a white background. In a rather simplistic design, there are two columns on the main page. The left column lists your daily, weekly, and monthly allowance based on information you input for your income and expenses.

    The right column breaks down the number of transactions for certain categories of purchases such as groceries or gifts. You can also input how much you want to save over time and the allowance column will self-update to reflect such. Bdgt is perfect for people who don't want to put a lot of effort into a money-saving app. It is available on the AppStore for $1.99.
Last Updated: January 04, 2017