A college grad smiles while holding the money he got through a college loan because of the advantages it offered to him.

5 Advantages of College Loans

Receiving a degree is a great way to get a jumpstart in a competitive field, but a fairly high percentage of students are going to need to explore their options for financial assistance. Unfortunately, grants and scholarships are exceptionally difficult to acquire in this day and age. That’s why many students are turning to loans in order to receive schooling for the career that they want. For those that are still unsure, here is a closer examination of five benefits of college loans and how students can use them to make the most out of their education.

  1. Income-Based Repayment Plans

    One of the biggest worries for those debating on a college loan is the idea of overwhelming payments once they are out of school. Many graduates are unable to find work and suddenly find themselves stuck with huge bills, but this can be avoided with income-based repayment plans. With income-based repayment plans, students only pay a percentage of what they are making at the time so the payments remain manageable.

  2. Credit Building

    A college loan is often one of the first major financial decisions that an adult will make in their life, and this will mean quite a bit to a credit reporting agency. When utilized and paid back properly, these loans will lay the foundation for excellent credit, and this can be a major boon later on in the student’s life. Everything from car loans to purchasing a home will be positively impacted by the good credit created early on.

  3. The Ability to Focus on Academics

    While students may want to consider taking on a part-time job while in college, full-time work will often be a necessity without outside financial assistance. Even a small loan can help cover some of the more overwhelming costs, such as inflated rent in a college town and the burden of textbooks.

  4. Interest Reduction Incentives

    Both government loans and loans by private institutions offer more incentives than ever when it comes to reducing one’s interest. Over the years, graduates will have quite a few options for dropping interest rates by a small percentage. This cmay include everything from taking a job within a specific sector to applying for paperless bills or automatic debit for payments.

  5. A Quick Acceptance Process

    While they do not need to be paid back, receiving grants and scholarships is a notoriously long and difficult process. Potential students will not only have a wide variety of pre-requisites ranging from where they live to their parents’ annual income, but they will also have a lengthy application process. Loans, on the other hand, can often be awarded in as little as a few weeks and have few requirements outside of a co-signor when possible and relatively good credit.

Last Updated: October 13, 2014