A fan of coupons being held while a woman contemplates the disadvantages of couponing.

5 Couponing Disadvantages No One Talks About

Clipping coupons is an American tradition, and is looked upon as a smart way to save money. However, while there's nothing wrong with clipping a few coupons now and then, there are many hidden disadvantages of couponing that are rarely discussed. Before you grab your scissors and head for the latest ads, stop and consider how couponing can actually be more trouble than it's worth.

  1. Unnecessary Stockpiling

    Many think buying large amounts of a product at one time will save money. Yet, what often happens is too much of a product is bought at once. The result is usually food that is thrown in the trash because it spoiled before being used, which negates any savings gained from couponing.

  2. Sales and Coupons Rarely Match Up

    Those who are into couponing often print out coupons from the internet in hopes a product will go on sale before the coupon expires. Some people have been known to print out hundreds of online coupons in one day, all in the hope they will be used in the specified period of time. Unfortunately, surveys have shown most of these coupons go for naught, resulting in a tremendous waste of time as well as paper and ink used in printing them out.

  3. The Product Doesn't Meet Your Needs

    Sometimes you think you're getting a good deal when in reality you're not. Many of today's coupons are for very small containers of items, which if bought still do not meet the needs of you or your family. As a result, you still have to buy additional items to fulfill your household needs, which means you spend more money.

  4. You Have No Need for the Product

    There are times when we all buy something simply because it’s on sale. However, if the item will never be used in your household you're just wasting your time and money. You simply don’t need to clip out coupons for cat food if you never plan on having a cat or have coupons for pickles if you don't like pickles.

  5. You're Obsessed with Coupons

    Those shoppers who consider themselves extreme couponers sometimes can't see the forest for the trees. They spend so much time clipping coupons and trying to formulate a shopping strategy that they don't realize the effect it's having on their physical and psychological health. The strain it places on your relationships and on yourself is just not worth the savings.

So before you decide to clip that next coupon, ask yourself if you really need the product, if it will be worth the price, and how much of it you plan to buy. By thinking before you clip, you can save yourself a little money and a lot of stress.

Last Updated: June 20, 2016