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5 Free Online English Courses Worth Your Time

Learning English can open countless opportunities. Even though English is not an easy language to master, an understanding of English at any level will be valuable.

Although there are several online language learning programs, many of them are inconvenient or cost too much money. Avoid the monthly subscription or the expensive cost of English learning software—try a free online English course!

There are many reasons to learn English online.

The English language is spoken in classrooms, conference rooms, and cities around the world. Everyone has their own reasons for learning English—and they’re all excellent reasons to start! Whether you’re a non-native speaker living in America or you’re visiting an English speaking country, you can find online English lessons to fit your needs.

Do you want to advance in your workplace?

A good understanding of English is a selling point for almost any employer. If you want a better shot at a job or a promotion, these English courses provide certifications upon completion. You can include these certificates with a job application or list these certifications on your resume.

  • Alison Grammar and Speaking Courses
    Established in 2007, Alison is a completely free learning resource with over 700 courses. Alison’s online courses are aimed towards employees who wish to learn valuable skills or improve skills they already possess. The nine courses will benefit learners who need a basic foundation in English; the subjects include an introduction to English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and speaking.

Are you interested in improving conversation skills?

Conversational English is a vital tool, whether you’re in the workplace or at the supermarket. After you’ve become familiar with the foundations of English language and grammar, you should practice your conversation skills. You don’t need face-to-face communications to improve your conversational English. These online resources should prove to be helpful.

  • Elllo
    If you learn best by watching videos, Elllo can be very effective. Elllo’s creator, English language teacher Todd Beuckens, wanted to create a site where users could learn English in an accessible, natural way. These free video lessons feature fluent English speakers talking about topics ranging from sports to hometowns. Elllo videos familiarize learners with casual English and new vocabulary, in addition to providing cultural information. Each video is accompanied by a transcript, vocabulary quiz and a comprehension quiz. And Elllo isn’t just for beginners: there are six skill levels available.
  • LiveMocha
    Have you ever wanted to purchase Rosetta Stone, but you couldn’t afford the expensive sticker price? Join LiveMocha, a free language learning community owned by Rosetta Stone! LiveMocha is known for its superb free language lessons, but did you know that you can be matched with a conversation partner for free? After completing introductory English courses, you can communicate with a native speaker. Although most of these native speakers aren’t trained educators, you will learn how to speak like a natural, as opposed to the overly-formal version of English found in traditional classrooms. With over 5 million registered users, you’ll be sure to find your perfect conversation partner!

Are you preparing for an English language exam?

It’s normal to be worried about an exam, but taking an exam in a newly acquired language can be even more stressful! You shouldn’t go into an English proficiency exam unprepared; after all, admittance into English-speaking universities often depends on a passing score. Don’t spend money on test prep books; practice English online for free.

  • Exam English
    One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to take a practice test. Exam English has free practice tests for the following major English proficiency exams: the International English Language Testing System, the Test of English as Foreign Language exam, the Test of English for International Communication, and the various Cambridge English exams. Like many of the other online English resources we’ve listed, there’s also vocabulary and grammar lessons on the site. And if you need to learn to learn on-the-go, English Exam has an app for Android and iPhone.
Last Updated: November 07, 2016