5 Most Expensive Christmas Light Displays

The season for beautiful Christmas lights is upon us. There’s everything from amazingly bright presentations to musical shows. Some people love this holiday so much they’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on lights and even more on their electric bill. Here are 5 of the most expensive residential Christmas light displays.

1. The Faucher Family, $82,320

This one made the record books. The Faucher family of Delaware wasn’t ashamed to show their love of Christmas. There are over a million lights to run. Every hour it costs $686 and a total of $82,320 per month for only four hours a night. Unfortunately, the Faucher family has decided not to switch to LED lights, which accounts for the extreme cost. If the family switched to LED lights, they would save massive cash. The bill would still be $10,680, which keeps it at the top of our list.

2. The Richards Family, $2,291

At $2,291 per month, this family clearly uses LED lights. This display is the only one that is outside of the United States. In Australia, the Richard’s family has over 502,000 lights. They held the Guinness world Record for most Christmas lights at a residential property until 2014, when it was taken over by the Gay family of New York. This light show takes donations to provide money to SIDS charities. Over three years, they’ve managed to raise over $80,000.

3. Greg Zimmerman's Houseboat, $2,280

Greg Zimmerman is also a huge fan of Christmas. In Newport Beach, California. He has been known to participate in the Christmas Boat Parade. He takes his houseboat and decorates it from the railing to the roof in over 24,000 lights. Overall, it costs $2,280 to run, but that doesn’t stop him. The lights are even synchronized to play to music like “All I Want for Christmas is You,” “Sleigh Ride,” and “Jingle Bell Rock.”

4. The Gay Family, $2,200+

The Gay family of Lagrangeville, New York gained the Guinness title after the Richard’s family with their 601,736 light display of 2014. The Richards family and the Gay family have been battling it out for the Guinness record for years. The Gay family held the title before the Richards took it in 2013. All in all, this display costs over $2,200. Expensive, yes, but can you really put a price on holiday spirit? Who knows who will take the title from the Gay family these following years.

5. Hunter Bottoms, 1,400

USA Today ran a competition to see who could have the most holiday lights in 2014. Hunter Bottoms of Virginia won this amazing title as well as $5,000, but did he make a profit? There are a total of 178,000 light bulbs on his residence that costs an extra $1,400 on their light bill! Despite this, Hunter Bottoms states that it’s worth it. He loves having people coming to his home to check out the lights. Sure his neighbors might be irritated, but he likes to think people are inspired by the lights rather than annoyed.